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In 1968, at 30 years old, Lynn Conway transitioned. In doing so she lost her wife, her children, and her job at IBM. She continued on, living authentically as her true self and continued her career as an electral engineer. In 1978 she became an associate professor at MIT and taught a course in VLSI (very large scale integration) that became the basis of the Mead-Conway VLSI Design Methodology, changing how we design integrated circuits. In 1985 she became a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Michigan, and later the associate dean of engineering.

32 years after transitioning, Conway came out publicly as a transgender woman. Since than she has been a advocate for transgender people in the tech sector. In 2020 IBM formally apologized for firing Conway for being trans, over 50 years after the fact. Just a bit of I learned today.

Headshot of a white woman with blonde hair

I rely on describe-* (most of them are accessible via C-h) functions a lot when hacking on my own elisp code. It’s super cool, useful and convenient to just look up how other functions implement Y or solve problem X as every existing part of emacs can be inspected and used as a programming reference and implementation example within a few keystrokes.

Big news: Kitsune Tail's Steam Next Fest demo is live now! Go get it at and experience the first part of this queer furry love triangle wrapped in an SMB3 jacket

You should definitely check the options. There's a CRT shader in Kitsune Tails made by @JoshJers which isn't on by default (because people get upset by that kinda thing) but playing with it on is totally the recommended experience

And for those of you who have Steam Decks, we've verified it works on that, too! And there's a new reveal trailer, showing off some of the bosses:

Yuzu Kitsune Tails jumping at a bear looking boss who's swinging a very large weapon at her, one of many weapons he carries on him. It says "Next Fest" in the corner

Es gibt kein „KI-DSGVO-Dilemma“.
Es gibt ein „KI-Dilemma“.

Das Recht stößt nicht an technische Grenzen.
Die Technik stößt an rechtliche, ethische, moralische und ökologische Grenzen.

Ich bin es so fucking Leid, diese als Jura getarnte Business-Promoter zu sehen.

Screenshot von Zu sehen ist ein Bild mit drei weissen Männern in einem Videocall. Darunter der Text:

„Auslegungssache 109: Das KI-DSGVO-Dilemma
Die DSGVO verlangt, dass Betroffene Daten in KI-Modellen ändern lassen können. Doch wie soll das gehen? Die Anwendung von Recht stößt nun an technische Grenzen.“

What do the Prime Minister of France, the founder of , the COs of and @opensuse and thousands of children have in common? They all love 💕 "Ada & Zangemann - A Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream"

💥 We want to go create an animated movie about Ada’s story!

🚀 To produce the movie in English, French, German, and Italian will cost us €40,000. Your donation will make a difference for many children who will be inspired by Ada!

Illustration from the book 'Ada & Zangemann'

I've read at least 3 very good posts/essays about why "no politics" rules are inherently conservative political stances in their own right and harmful to marginalized people, whose lived experiences are politicized, does anyone have a link to one handy?

I'm hoping to convince the moderators of a popular Discord server to change their "no politics" policy into a more proactive and supportive one. They've already said they're willing to consider it if I can give them a good argument

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For my birthday, I'd really like it if my beloved fedi could spread word far and wide of Kitsune Tails. It's a platformer with a heartwarming story featuring queer main characters and personal discoveries in classic SMB3 style. You can find trailer, screenshots, and wishlist links here:

It's coming out this year and the team and I have been working hard on it for several years now. Most of the team is queer in some form so by boosting you'd not only be making me happy on my birthday, but supporting a bunch of queer creators making queer art as well

Final tally, aggregating the pre-edit version with 620 respondents with the subsequent 2252 respondents

The slash line is “Upset/Angry” followed by “Somewhat irritated” followed by “Doesn’t bother me”.

Votes: 111/813/1047
Percentages: 5.6%/41.2%/53.1%

901 guys waiting patiently in The Chairs, watching.

Thank you to all the respondents, voters and observers.

Please only take the survey if you are a non-guy or do not identify as a guy, even though you may be cosplaying one for the time being.

As for the guys, please wait over there for a moment ::motions to a set of several The Chairs::

edit: You can select the “Guy in “The Chair”, watching” option, which will give you access to the results.

Edit: Oops. Editing the poll resets it.
620 people had responded. The results were 7%/44%/49% to that point.

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The survey question:

How do you feel about the use of the term “guys” for addressing a group that includes at least one non-guy?

Here’s an idea: let’s call people “people” on the fediverse instead of “users” whenever we can.


“There are 42 users on this instance.”


“There are 42 people on this instance.”

Which acknowledges our humanity more?

Language matters. We don’t need to perpetuate mainstream technology’s othering/colonial framing of “us” – designers/developers/other “clever folks” – and “them” – the users (usually one step removed from “dumb user” and usually the ones who get used).

@davidrevoy Love it! 🥰

Spritely Goblins v0.13.0 is OUT! More powerful than ever, it includes a whole new persistence system and, long requested, easier more goblins'y IO!

Distributed programming has never been so cool! But there's more to say about this release... (cotd)

Goblins 0.13.0, new release!  A purple hand draws a line to treasure!

Wusstest du, dass die Zahl ausländischer Tatverdächtiger von Gewaltverbrechen 2023 zurückgegangen ist? Dass das Verhältnis der Straftaten mit ausländischen Tatverdächtigen im Vergleich zur ausländischen Wohnbevölkerung gesunken ist? Die PKS wird massiv medial missbraucht, um Rassismus zu schüren. Dabei wird auf so vielen Ebenen verzerrt. Hier ein deep dive mit allem, was du wissen musst, um AfD, BILD & Co. zu durchschauen.

Zrythm 1.0.0-rc.0 has been released!

This is the first release candidate for version 1.0.0 after a long (5 years) and continuous iteration of feature development, bugfixes and improvements based on user feedback.

After some cleanup and bugfixes we will release v1.0.0.

Release notes:

Learn more:

Support development by purchasing an installer or donating:

app screenshot has been migrated to our own hardware

with that said. Fuck you Hetzner, banning LGBT sites and randomly taking other peoples accounts down, while hosting the german politcal party AfD a well known nazi party

everyone lets post yuri to celebrate this occasion

I saw a post here (that I can't find) that kinda changed my life.

It said the best first step to changing the world into a better place is to just stop making fun of people *or yourself*. Ever. For anything. Including in your own thoughts that you may never speak aloud.

I try very hard to do this! it's such a stabler and nicer-feeling foundation to my thoughts and my life. It sheds a mental weight/burden I couldn't see before.

Such a great distilled bit of advice for a big concept!

The little dryad is finished.
I really liked this exercise in experimenting with different media (watercolour, gouache and coloured pencils).
I will do it again!

Portrait d'une femme avec une chevelure de feuilles et de fleurs. Ses yeux sont bleus. Autour, on retrouve du matériel de dessin (des pots de peintures, des crayons de couleurs et des pinceaux)

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Ich denke nicht, wenn die sich ihres tödlichen Gefahrenpotenzials bewusst wären und sich tatsächlich auf das Autofahren und nicht auf Termine, schlechten Sex, Radio, Navi, Klimaanlage, Handy, ... konzentrieren würden, würden sie ziemlich sicher für alle sicherer mit dem Auto fahren.